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Christmas Fairs – November 2019

I love attending school Christmas Fairs. The crowds, the buzz, the food, the atmosphere, the Christmas cheer and the wonderful, unique products on show from small businesses like ours. In particular, CIS does host pretty amazing Christmas Fairs. My husband often jokes that I most likely spend all the money made from ice cream at these markets coming home with empty tubs of ice cream yet bags of items purchased there. I just can’t help it. From rattan bags to handmade jewellery to recycled tire sandals, these make amazing Christmas presents, don’t they?

That is my justification. Ok enough about my shopping addiction. Let’s talk about ice cream.

Who wouldn’t want ice cream on a hot day at an outdoor Christmas Market? On days like these, I especially love being the ‘Ice Cream Lady’. The feeling you get when you see a big smile as you pass a child an ice cream is incredibly special. Truly, it’s the best part of my job!

We have lines of children waiting patiently for their scoop as their parents read out our flavours to assist with the decision-making. “What is kale?” is a question I have heard almost a million of times since we first started our pop-ups back in 2017. Yet every time, I’m curious to hear the answer to that question.

There are the honest parents who mention that it is a type of green vegetable, like a spinach. They ask me for a sample, just in case their little ones don’t like it.

Then there are parents like myself who probably struggle with their kids eating greens. The question is ignored and instead the word ‘chocolate’ is reinforced.

“Chocolate Kale is a yummy chocolate ice cream darling. It’s very delicious!”

Smart move.

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