Service Now Singapore

ServiceNow Singapore
Suntec Offices – January 2020

It was our first time visiting the ServiceNow office in Singapore. Prior to the event when I spoke to Florence from ServiceNow on the phone, I knew we would get along. She was so lovely, friendly and professional. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her in person on the day.

We set up in the pantry where one side of spacious room had the most incredible view of the Singapore skyline. We had a slight issue with the parasol attached to our live station cart. It was bit too big for the room and was touching one of the drop-down light fixtures. Problem was solved after rearranging the position of our cart. Phew.

Audrey and I were on standby for serving dessert. We witnessed congratulatory speeches followed by an amazing looking buffet lunch consisting of what seemed like an endless spread. I asked Florence how often celebrations like these look place? She mentioned once a month. My jaw dropped. What an awesome workplace to work in!

Finally, after the staff had finished their lunch it was our turn to shine. At first, people were curious about our unique flavours. However, after trying a scoop they were loving it and coming back for more, trying out our other flavours. I was so thrilled to see a familiar face, Allan, who was an ex-colleague at Cisco but now worked at ServiceNow. Yes, I didn’t always make ice cream. Such a nice surprise. It is always nice to see a familiar face at our pop-ups.
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