Australian High Commissioner Residence, Singapore

Residence of Australian High Commission, Singapore
Staff Christmas Party – December 2019

I was a bit nervous about this pop-up. It’s not every day you get invited the Australian High Commission’s Residence. It would be my first-time meeting Bruce Gosper himself, the Australian High Commissioner in Singapore and at his residence. Yep, at his very own home. Being Australian myself, I guess there was extra pressure to please the staff and families attending the party. The number of times I have visited or called the Australian High Commission to get passports sorted out, vote, organise visas etc. I’m very grateful for the work they do.

The security checks we had upon entering the premises were the most stringent we had faced. We had to open the back of the van where detailed checks and scans were performed. I was praying quietly the Lalamove guy we used didn’t have anything dodgy in the back of that van. After handing them every bit of ID we had, thank goodness we were cleared.

Upon entering the grounds, I was utterly amazed. We are so used to high-rise compact living arrangements here, it felt so odd to be in a home that was so spacious with lush, expansive gardens. Ok, so maybe this wasn’t just any home, it was the Residence of the Australian High Commissioner.

We had a great time serving at the party. Bruce Gosper was a huge fan of Banana Dates and supportive of our small business. I even got a selfie with him. Score. After the ice cream had finished and our cart was all packed up, we were even invited to partake in their Christmas feast. I don’t remember much after that. Could be due to the full belly… Or perhaps the glasses of prosecco? Who knows?

A massive thank you to Imelda for helping me out last minute on the day and to her husband Jason who recommended Mrs. Plump’s to the Australian High Commission. I owe you guys, big time.

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